Stainless Steel
2013 (22 cm h x 37 cm x 43cm)


Carapace is part of a continuing investigation of ideas on perception, of things that engage the forces of nature, of things that change and grow, which was first explored in my 2012 solo Metamorphosis at the Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.

My quest is to create a metaphor for the cycle of life - of creation, growth, existence and ultimately death.

As reflected in my other works in this format, these sculptures pursue that moment between balance and flight where the precise distribution of mass, form and space activate the work – a creative engineering that aims to imbue a potency of lightness, of energy and action.

Inspired by observation of the natural marine world, they are intended to embody complexity, movement and violent action - a sense of motion frozen in a moment of time.

In CarapaceOne, some crustacean-like animal rears up and twists its segmented body off the ocean bed holding its giant claw aloft. Reduced to its minimal constituents, CarapaceOne explores the tension reflected in the sudden action and/or reaction of this small marine animal to an external stimulus - a reductionist approach to understanding the nature of complex things by trimming them back to the elemental interactions between their fundamental components.



Stainless steel
2014 (220 h (var.) x 47 x 34cm)



Stainless steel
2014 (186 h (var.) x 92 x 18cm)



Stainless steel
2014 (44 h x 57 x 45cm)



Stainless steel
2014 (43 h x 86 x 57cm)



Stainless steel
2014 (47 h x 76 x 47cm)



Stainless steel
2014 (33.5 h x 121 x 35cm)


Installation views

Brenda May Gallery, Waterloo, Sydney NSW, Australia - August/September 2014


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