Dionysius' Dream/Quiritato


Dionysius' Dream/Quiritato - alpha I, beta II, gamma III, delta IV, epsilon V and zeta VI

Stainless steel, weathered mild steel
2011/13 (dimensions variable - see below)


alpha I

Stainless steel
2011/13 (72 h x 33 x 29cm, 199cm h incl base)


beta II

Stainless steel
2011/13 (70 h x 36 x 36cm, 197cm h incl base)


gamma III

Stainless steel
2011/13 (70 h x 33 x 31cm, 197cm h incl base)


delta IV

Stainless steel
2011/13 (78 h x 29 x 28cm, 205cm h incl base)


epsilon V

Stainless steel
2011/13 (79 h x 28 x 27cm, 206cm h incl base)


zeta VI

Stainless steel
2011/13 (71 h x 36 x 33cm, 198cm h incl base)


Dionysius' Dream/Quiritato - installation views

Stainless steel and weathered mild steel
2011/13 (dimensions variable)


Dionysius' Dream alludes to crucified medieval monks, heads bowed and hidden by their cloaks, scapular and cowl, blown forward by the force of the wind. Dionysius of Fourna in his 18th Century Painter's Manual for church icons wrote of “a monk crucified on a cross, clothed in a tunic . . . . . . . and with his feet nailed to the footrest of the cross; (with) this inscription: 'Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father, (which is in heaven).' “

Facing each other, the monks scream into the wind. Inspired by the shape of marine pennatule corals the title quiritatio ('scream') refers to the lyrics of The Doors song 'When the Music's Over' :

Before I sink

Into the big sleep

I want to hear

I want to hear

The scream of the butterfly

(ad ex quirito papilio)



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