Two small fragments: '. . . .the beaches where it tosses its hints of earlier and other creation' *

Stainless Steel
2014 (17 h x 50 x 28cm dimensions variable)


These two fragments are the enigmatic partial remains of something large, something unknown and undiscoverable created in time past.

An unknown object/creature has been broken by the force of the sea into many pieces and the fragments scattered to the four winds. Two of these fragments have been found, eroded and broken by the force of the waves, chaotically tossed and washed-up on the beach – a metaphor for the artefacts, debris, plant and animal remains; the unique flotsam and jetsam found on the beaches along our coast.

They have been retrieved and brought back to the gallery for display and identification.

Curatorial note: the work comprises two similar-sized but unique components which are placed together in whatever configuration resolves the work at the location in which it is displayed. This permits the use of a plinth or other display site (floor ? shelf ? display cabinet ?) and a configuration as the curator desires.

* T S Eliot, 'The Dry Salvages'


Two small fragments:

Segment10 and Segment11

Stainless Steel
2013 (17 h x 30 x 26cm each)


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