Stainless Steel
2014 (18 h x 48 x 18cm)


Bannerjee is part of my continuing investigation of ideas on perception, of things that engage the forces of nature, of things that change and grow. The creatures inhabiting the seas, rivers and lakes are the inspiration for this dynamic abstract exploration of nature and the laws of physics and biology: of resistance to the crushing weight of the deep ocean, of the lightness of soaring flight in the open sea . . . . . . .

I am inspired by exploring boundaries and by the spaces between things. My shapes decide their own identity, they become what they want to be, they are a way to say something fresh and immediate.

Inspired by observation of the natural world, this work embodies complexity, movement and a sense of motion frozen in a moment of time. Reduced to its minimalist constituents, it explores the tension reflected in the sudden action and/or reaction to an external stimulus.

As reflected in my other works in this series, Bannerjee pursues that moment between balance and flight where the precise distribution of mass, form and space activate the sculpture: a creative engineering that aims to imbue a potency of lightness, of energy and action.



Stainless steel
2014 (42 h x 31 x 18.5cm)



Stainless steel
2015 (11 h x 36 x 18 cm)



Stainless steel
2015 (18 h x 59 x 44 cm)



Stainless steel
2015 (11 h x 52 x 28 cm)



Stainless steel
2014 (29 h x 57 x 112cm)



Stainless steel
2016 (18 h x 53 x 18 cm)


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