Intimate Sleeper

Unglazed ceramic
2009 (15h x 30 x 52cm)


Like most of my practice, my figurative sculptures reflect my fascination with the fragility of life (both human and animal) and the huge external forces that surge around it and shape it – both physical forces and the forces of our human psyche and emotions that define our physical condition. These sculptures are concerned with how the living spirit can be embodied in the form of a hard object reflecting that ceramic is hard and unyielding, while humans and animals are by their nature soft, flexible and pliable. 'Intimate Sleeper' attempts to capture the moment just before wakening when we seek to contain the fragility of our emotions, protecting our inner world from intrusion, naked and exposed to the surging forces of the outside world.


Before Wakefulness

Patinated bronze - 1/6
2010 (15h x 30 x 52cm)


Do We Also Dream of Electric Sheep ?

Patinated Bronze 1/6
2011 (17h x 28 x 42cm)


Do We Also Dream of Electric Sheep ?

Patinated bronze resin - AP
2010 (17h x 28 x 42cm)


Curled Sleeper/Twisted Man

Unglazed ceramic
2006 (17h x 28 x 42cm


Dreaming of Love

2010 (NA)


Incubus Asleep

Unglazed ceramic
2006 (13h x 25 x 78cm)


'No Tomorrow' Foetal Sleeper

Unglazed ceramic
2006 (17h x 25 x 70cm)


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